Bernie Sanders at the polls. November 6th, 2018. For Seven Days Vermont.



Phil Scott, Governor of Vermont on election night, November 6th, 2018. For Seven Days Vermont.

Phil Scott - 10Phil Scott - 18Phil Scott - 19Phil Scott - 24Phil Scott - 8

Anti Trump Protest. November 8th, 2018. Burlington, VT. For Seven Days Vermont.

Trump Protest - 48Trump Protest - 18Trump Protest - 46Trump Protest - 40Trump Protest - 19Trump Protest - 11Trump Protest - 27Trump Protest - 20

Jane Mayer speaking at The University of Vermont. Shot for The Center of Research on Vermont.

10-25-18 (3 of 21)10-25-18 (7 of 21)10-25-18 (4 of 21)

Chelsea Clinton speaking on behalf of Hilary Clinton at Roanoke College during the Fall 2016 presidential race. Shot for Roanoke College Public Relations.





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